Discovery allows prospects to make their own Asset-Map in your book of business!

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Top financial planner questions about our Discovery Prospecting Tool

Q. Can a completed interview be reopened?
A. No. The solution here is for the advisor to use the Asset-Map made from what they did enter so far, analyze what they have entered, find opportunities, and invite them to make corrections on the report.

Q. Can a client UPDATE their current Asset-Map using Discovery?
A. No. There is no direct access for a consumer at this time. The Discovery tools is for creating new Asset-Maps. 

Q. Can you extend the Discovery invitation expiration time beyond 14 days?
A. No. But you can make an Asset-Map from what they have entered so far, even if it hasn't been completed. From the Discovery administration page, find their entry in the list and click the corresponding plus sign to make an Asset-Map. Then send it to them or call them to update their Asset-Map Report.

Q. How do I use the Advisor link (web link)?
A. a) Copy it and send it to a prospect, or many prospects. b) Assign it to a button on your website or in your signature. c) Use it live in your office waiting room. d) If you have any other suggestions, please send them along!

Discovery Interview - the Entire Process Fully Explained

(16 minutes...but feel free to jump around)

Using Discovery is a great way to get preliminary information from a prospective client before a face-to-face meeting. Discovery will ask for the following basic household and financial information:

  • Basic member information on the important people in the person's life
  • Financials that the person owns or is associated with
  • Topics that your prospective client is interested in  

We provide an advisor-specific invitation link to embed into an email signature or web page that prospects can click to start our fact-finding questionnaire.
You can invite a specific guest to complete the online interview.
You can start an interview, live, where you are (for example, in your office on a mobile tablet).

How to Access the Discovery Admin Page

Click on your name at the top-right corner of the screen and select 'Discovery' from the drop down menu. Here is a direct link to your Discovery Admin Page.

You now see the Discovery admin page.

Send an Invitation to a  Single Prospect

Click the 'Start Discovery' button.

Enter your prospective client's first name(s) or appropriate greeting(s).  
Click 'Start'.

Choose how you would like to send their invitation or launch it on the spot. Each questionnaire link is unique to the prospective client. If you have a system email program set up (example: MS Outlook), you can even launch it with our text populating the email.

Copy your advisor link and send it to many prospects. Other ideas we've discussed with advisors: assign an image to it and post it on a website; place it in an email signature. (Check with your compliance department if necessary.)

Managing Invitations in Asset-Map

You can complete the following actions from the Discovery administration page:

  • View the status of your sent invitations
  • Open an interview
  • Generate interview reports
  • Create a Household from the interview details
  • Close an active interview

How to View the Status and take Action on Your Sent Invitations

How to Copy the Interview Link in Asset-Map

If you need to resend a link, you can copy it and send it as needed. Go to the Discovery admin page and find the desired interview from the list.

Click the Go To Interview icon to the right of the interview to re-copy the questionnaire URL. You can either send this URL to your prospective client or paste the URL in your browser to open up the Interview.

Generate Discovery Report

You will want to generate a report to see any notes or concerns your prospective client typed manually into the questionnaire. 

How to Create an Asset-Map Report

The Asset-Map report and Household is created when the interview is completed.
But, to create a household and Asset-Map Report from a partially completed interview, find the desired questionnaire from the list and click on the Create New Household Icon. Again, this is not necessary for a completed interview.

Once the Household and Asset-Map is created you can access it by clicking the house icon.

Note: All basic member and financial data that the prospective client provided will be added as financial instrument and members on the Household's Asset-Map.

How to Close an Active Interview

If you would like to disable an interview, in effect closing it or completing it, click on the Close icon to the right of the interview to disable the link and close the questionnaire.

You may delete a completed invitation by clicking the trash can icon. This does not delete the Asset-Map.

Redirect Page

Don't forget that you can prompt your client/prospect to take the next action step by scheduling an appointment with you if you have an online appointment calendar by using the Redirect setting in your Team Settings page.

This redirect page can also host any URL such as a Firm's Web page.


  1. The Discovery link will be valid for seven days and then become inactive.
  2. Each invitation is unique and there isn't a personalized, website-enabled link that an advisor could post.

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