Our CEO, Adam, shares how to introduce the Asset-Map process to a client or prospect for the first time.

Remove the intimidation factor of an Asset-Map and give your clients confidence that you'll be able to show them if they are on track for major goals. Get them engaged right from the start. Enjoy...and send us your comments and thoughts!

Tips found in this video

  • Show empathy and concern
    "People are overwhelmed with complexities of life."
    "We need to communicate better with you."
  • Introduce the Asset-Map process
  • Set expectation of an annual review using Asset-Map
  • Show them a sample of a similar client
  • Make the sample real for them
  • Asset-Map is your financial inventory on one page
  • You get to take an Asset-Map home with you
  • Show them and discuss their Asset-Map, which you've taken the liberty of creating (using a stencil)
  • Everyone gets a color printed copy with a pen
  • Send Discovery Interview to complete prior to your meeting


Asset-Map Script Free Download
PDF Samples we've supplied
Make your own sample Asset-Maps
Script: Introduce Asset-Map to Prospects

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