1. Open the household from the Household Index to view their summary page.
  2. Click "Edit" next to Household Details.
  3. Change the Status from Client (Prospect or Sample) to STENCIL. Scroll down and click save.
  4. Create a new Household (" + "icon in top left) to step through the Household wizard. Select Sample as the status.
  5. Name this household something like Johnson Copy or Johnson Proposed. Enter the Members information exactly as it is on the original, especially maintaining the Roles of each member (Primary, Dependent, Partner, etc).
  6. Click Add Household button
  7. Once created, Apply a Stencil from the toggle menu (menu might be hidden)
  8. You will see the household you want to overlay in the Stencil library. 
  9. Select it and click Apply Stencil.
  10. The boxes will be grey place holders that you can edit, save or delete as needed.
  11. Remember to change the original household status from stencil back to client.

Bonus: Easier Method!  Use the Hide/Show feature.  Click Here.

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