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A Household is a collection of Members and Financials. Together they combine to make an Asset-Map Report.

Household status is initially designated at the start of manually creating a Household and can be selected based on sales pipeline status or function. The status or function can be adjusted later from within the specific household on the Household Details page.

Types of Status

Choose the right one for the right purpose.

  • "Client": a household where there is a current business relationship.
  • "Prospect": a household where there is a potential business relationship.
  • "Sample": used to create a custom household that illustrates or imitates a family, business, life cycle stage or other situation. The Asset-Map created can be used for demonstration purposes, presentations, or within the prospecting sales cycle as a hand-out.
  • "Stencil": used to create a custom Asset-Map that can be applied to multiple households. Considered an "overlay" of financial tiles, a stencil household can be crafted to imitate a demographic, a financial situation, a benefits package or any other collection of financial tiles. Use the "stencil" household to 1) make Asset-Maps quickly; 2) show what peers have when overlayed onto client's Asset-Maps; 3) quickly apply a collection of tiles that demonstrate a financial situation (example: "Downside Protection").

    Once completed, you may apply your stencil using the Apply Stencil dialog box when creating an Asset-Map of any other status.

Article: All About Stencils

Managing Status

Household status can be viewed, sorted, and filtered from with the Household Index, Status column.

Household status can be changed from with the Household Details page of a specific household. Simply click the new status and Save.


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