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Team Settings Overview

  • Account Settings page
  • Membership page
  • Activity (Beta) page

Top of Account Settings page 

Organization name - change as desired or required. Check with your Broker Dealer for any compliance issues.

Logo - change your logo by clicking the Choose File button.
Discovery Disclaimer - type a disclaimer if required.

Discovery Redirect URL - type in a URL if you'd like to send the client to a specific page after completing the online interview (use case: an appointment calendar or your firm's home page).

Remember to press the SAVE button after making changes.

Bottom of Account Settings page

Avatar Subtitle - Select if you and your advisors will see the Age of member, the birthday of the member, or neither on the Asset-Map report.
Instrument Rounding - Select if you and your advisors will automatically apply number rounding to values on an Asset-Map report.
Disclosure - Type your approved Disclosure. This appears on a separate page as part of the multi-page, Comprehensive Report produced for the client.
Disclaimer - Type your approved Disclaimer. This will appear at the bottom of Asset-Map and Target-Map reports.

Remember to press the SAVE button after making changes.

Membership Page

If you have purchased multiple seat licenses you'll be able to invite other advisors or delegates to use Asset-Map until you've reached your license limit.

Click the Membership link in the left menu to view who is currently:

  • an Advisor;
  • a Delegate;
  • who can Manage the team and,;
  • who has Billing management of the account. (no license required)

A Team Manager may revoke access using the trash can icon, thus freeing up a license.

Check your license availability and Invite advisors or delegates to your team. An email invitation will be sent for them to complete their access setup.

Assign which advisor a Delegate is delegated to (Delegation)

  1. Click the Delegation tab.
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit.
  3. Choose the Advisors selector and assign appropriately.
  4. Click the "check" icon to save or "x" to cancel your changes.

Firms / Broker Dealers may have an additional column called "Customize". Selecting the check box allows the advisor to change logo, disclaimer, disclosure, and Discovery redirect page.

Activity (Beta)

You can view your own productivity in Asset-Map or the productivity of active advisors on your team for the past rolling 30 days. Click Activity (Beta) in the left menu.

Click an activity from the color menu over the bar chart to view specific details like Household-Create (how many household were created and when), or PDF-Create (how many PDFs were created in preparation for client meetings and when).  
An activity list is provided on the left for the past rolling 30 days. 


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