A best practice when running needs-based analyses using Target-Map Reports is to illustrate variations of a particular scenario. This allows the client or prospect to see what a goal or event would look like if different variables were applied (Examples may include: changing growth rate; changing COLA, pushing back age of retirement, saving more each month to fund a child's education goal.)
Instead of re-creating each new Target-Map with alternate variables from scratch, you can quickly clone and edit any existing Target-Map by following the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Target-Map Summary page or open a specific Target-Map Report.

2. Click the "Clone" button found to the right of the Target-Map Report you wish to duplicate. A copy will be created immediately.

3. Click the title of the copied Target-Map to change the parameters to the new scenario.

4. From the edit page of the specific Target-Map make any changes to the variables on the various tabs.  

We recommend you change the title of the Target-Map to reflect the scenario, too. Click the word "Edit" near the title to bring up the Title edit window to modify title and some other parameters if you so choose.  Press "Save Changes" when complete.

Here are some examples: "Retirement @ age 70"

or, "Retirement with 4% return"

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