Positioning your Practice and the Asset-Map Process to a Prospect
presented by Adam Holt at Asset-Map Boot Camp, November 2018.

What you need (2+ Participants):

  • Sample Asset-Map Comprehensive Sample Report (Search your Household Index for a Market of interest)

Be Prepared:

In a group of peers, each choose a typical client type (physician, attorney, business owner, teacher, etc.) and create a representative sample that is brought to the workshop. Add your peers as a sub advisor to share access. Run through the sample with your peers as if they would personally relate by pointing out financial instruments and conditions that you find common to this community/demographic. “You’ll notice that teachers like yourself often have…, Physicians often don’t have,... Business owners have this but not this… etc, Single wage-households with same-sex partners that are non-citizens and adopted children often have these conditions, etc.”

What you need (2+ Participants):

  • Brain
  • Mouth
  • Focus

Be Prepared:

  • Read Best Practices Sheets (Positioning)
  • Practice 3 times before showing up for this workshop (or everyone will point at you)
  • Bring recording devices
  • Print the Positioning Worksheet 

Get in a group of peers and run through each of your positioning scripts. Pay attention to each other’s delivery. Provide critique on what was strong, what needs work, and what can be dropped. Consider using a voice recording application so that you can point out to specific challenges or excellence that can be replicated. Video recording can also be effective here by setting a smart phone far enough away as to not be distracting.

Shared Feedback from Group: 

  1. What is a unique positioning statement you heard in a colleague’s version?
  2. Attempt writing out a bulleted list of your positioning script. What would you add or remove?
  3. Try an express version (AKA elevator pitch) in 30 seconds. Only the most relevant message remains.
  4. What are some insights that you learned from listening to each presentation?
  5. How might an audience react to a sample Asset-Map when using a dissimilar demographic versus something they are familiar with?
  6. What are some new samples that would make sense to create based on the market you are trying to serve or break into? Can you share samples with your peers (note these will always list the Lead Advisor’s name and branding on the reports)?

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