What you need:

  • Print blank Fact Finders: Full Size, Mini
  • Print a copy of the Worksheet for each participant
  • Print the "Right Questions" Best Practice Sheet (click here)
  • Advanced digital workshops (for fact-finding without pen/paper) remember to book a room with internet & large screen and have everyone bring a laptop, tablet, or iPad
  • Alternative opportunity: Try the Discovery fact-finder to make an Asset-Map

Be Prepared:

Workshop 2A.a - Explain the situation in 5 minutes or less:

In a group of peers, each person walk through a completed fact finder in 5 minutes or less. Without delving into needs & goals, explain the prospect’s current situation with details that might be relevant for needs & opportunities.

Shared Feedback from Group: 

  1. Which seem like the best opportunities?
  2. Should presenter have spent more or less time in any areas?
  3. Are key people well understood?

Workshop 2A.b - My 3 favorite questions

Each person share their favorite 3 questions to ask when fact-finding with 2 categories of prospects (e.g., Young couples, retiring couples, business owners).

Shared Feedback from Group:

  1. Which other questions might be effective?
  2. Which questions could be phrased for greater impact?
  3. Were any questions great?

Workshop 2A.c: Alternative - Everyone watch how 1 person does it

Elect 1 person to role-play as an advisor and 2 people to play the role of prospects. Go through the Mini fact-finder or the Discovery interview.

Shared Feedback from Group: 

  1. Who/what is important and relevant to this household?
  2. Were any potential opportunities not explored?
  3. What was great?
  4. What could be improved?

Workshop 2B: Role-Playing Workshop

Pair into groups (e.g. 2 advisors & 2 prospects). Think about a prospect you’ve recently met or your target market in general. Take a minute to agree on the situation before you begin (e.g., how & why was this meeting scheduled, was there a key need, phrase or relationship that helped book the meeting? Start asking questions as you fill out the front page of a fact-finder.

Shared Feedback from Group:

  1. How could they have uncovered more opportunity?
  2. Did they miss anything big?
  3. Were any potential opportunities not explored?
  4. Was the advisor confident without being pushy?


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