What you need:

  • Print the copies of the Worksheet for everyone
  • Print blank Fact Finders: Full Size, Mini
  • Scan & print color copies of a completed fact-finder sample in a market of interest (Like this one)
  • Advanced digital workshops: for uncovering opportunities without pen/paper by creating and customizing Target-Maps while discussing goals, remember to book a room with internet & large screen and have everyone bring a laptop, tablet, or iPad

Be Prepared:

Workshop 3A - How do I approach each “L”?

Each participant choose one or more of the “6L’s” to cover (e.g., Retirement Funding). Using a sample Asset-Map printed for this workshop, go through that section in detail with another participant who is playing the role of client.
Shared Feedback from Group: 

  1. What was good or great?
  2. What could be removed or added?
  3. How is this style different from the way I’ve customized my Target Map Preferences?

Workshop 3B - Role-Playing

Pair into small groups of 2-4. Briefly discuss a completed fact-finder for a specific type of prospect and agree on the prospect’s situation before role-playing. Go through each of the of 6Ls on the back of the fact-finder. Ask questions, take notes, & ask client to set priority level and target date for addressing each need. Schedule follow-up appointment.

Switch Roles and go through 6Ls again with either the same case or one with a different demographic.

Shared Feedback from Group: 

  1. What was great? What did I learn from your uncovering process/questions?
  2. What could have been improved?
  3. Were any opportunities missed?
  4. Did the advisor make me feel like he/she is truly my advocate? Why?
  5. Did you notice any point-in-time sequence of needs between the 1st and 6th “L”?


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