In this article you will learn:

  • Managing your book
  • Navigating to the Household Index
  • Filters
  • Columns
  • Saving Views

Managing your Book (5 min.)

To access the Household Index, click into the house icon on the top left side of your screen.

By clicking the drop down arrow next to the client’s name, you are able to see all of the household details.


Filtering through your book of business will allow you to customize your search results based on specific values, policies and demographics. 

Ex: FP, David Anderson, would like to see all of his clients who have $0 in Long-term Disability Insurance. Simply “Add Filter”, choose “Total Monthly LTD benefit” and  set it  equal to $0.

Once you apply that filter, you will see only your clients that have $0 in LTD.


Selecting Columns allows you to customize the information that is shown across your search. Below we are looking at a full client list, highlighting the Lead Advisor, Status, Modified Date, Accounts Under Management, Wallet Share %, # of Members, # of Financials, and # of Target Maps.

Saved Views

Save your results! Once you have found the perfect display for your book of business, save that format to quickly access those results again.

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