The owner/Lead Advisor (in the Household Index) of the Household Data. The Lead Advisor's name will be found on the front page of a household's Comprehensive Report.


Visual catalog of a households financial data, including assets, liabilities, insurance policies, income flows, and key members.

Balance Sheet

Report includes a list view of the assets, asset location, date of collected data, owner and total amounts. Broken down in categories of Retirement Assets, Non-Retirement Assets, Residence Assets, Liabilities, and Insurance Cash Value. In other words, the household's net worth statement.


A household/household member with an asset/policy under the management of the advisor.


An assistant or para-planner, needing access to enter information on the Advisors behalf in Asset-Map Platform.


Paper versions of the Asset-Map Report. Fact Finders are available to use to gather data in our Support Site. Fact Finders include generic, pre-populated instruments on a blank Asset-Map.


Instruments on the Asset-Map, related to Income, Assets, Liabilities and Insurance.

Household Dashboard

The first tab along the workflow in Asset-Map Platform. You'll find the following on the Household Dashboard: Household Details, Asset-Map Report preview, Target-Maps preview, List of Household Members, List of Advisors, Key Financial Figures, and List of Integrations.

Household Index

The Household Index is a list of an advisors book of business that has been entered into Asset-Map. It includes all households the advisor is a Lead or Sub advisor on and allows for filtering and sorting of the list. The Household Index can be found by clicking the house icon in the top left corner in Asset-Map.


Allow for syncing of client data from outside sources into Asset-Map Platform. Current integrations include:, Redtail, & Riskalyze.

Key Financial Figures

Key Financial Figures can be customized to reveal a household's risk preference and other metrics such as: Assets Under Management (AUM), Net Worth, and Wallet Share (the customer's total spending that a business captures. It is the total financial instruments' cash values under management divided by total invest-able accounts: Retirement, Non-retirement not including business value or intangible assets, if cataloged as such). To customize the KFF's navigate to your user preferences. A household's KFF's can be found on the Household Dashboard.


The Asset-Map Report can be configured and saved to show different layouts. By default, the Asset-Map Report depicts the primary client and/or the spouse/partner.

Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts, Charities, Foundations or other entities that can be added to a Household's Asset-Map.


Primary, Spouse, Dependents, Partners, Family members, Friends, Trustees, Business partners, Employees, Employers, Accountants, Attorneys, or other important members that are financial tied to a Household.


Data can be collected by clicking into Assets, Liabilities, Insurance policies or Members on the Asset-Map.

Policy Summary

A report that includes a Household's Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and/or Long-term Care insurance policy information.


A Household type referring to a collection of members where there is a potential business relationship.


A Household type that can be used to illustrate sample Asset-Maps and/or Target-Maps.


A custom Asset-Map outline/template that can be applied to multiple Households.


Needs based analysis, highlighting the funding gap of a Household's financial goals.

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