The Asset-Map® Report is effectively the agenda of all client and prospect meetings. Use the report to facilitate a conversation about all of the planning and product areas that can be improved from your relationship with your client/prospect. It uncovers opportunity for investment management, insurance lines of business, business planning, benefits opportunities, and holistic advice. 

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  • Asset-Map Report Overview
  • Using Asset-Map in Meetings

Asset-Map Report Overview

Using Asset-Map in Meetings

Digital Meetings
Use Asset-Map Reports live in a digital presentation (laptop, tablet, remote sharing) to facilitate live conversation on the financial condition and conclude the actions necessary for better outcomes. Tip: Epic Pen is a popular tool for drawing on your Windows OS screen
 In-Person Meetings
 Paper-based reports are perfect for client meetings as well as internal collaboration.
 Asset-Map is a WORKING document....Mark It Up!

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