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The names at the top of the Asset-Map report are actually labels for buttons that behave like on/off switches for the avatars in the center of the Asset-Map.

Clicking the names at the top allows you to put the focus on other members and entities that you want to discuss. 

New arrangements can be saved as a Layouts. You can save multiple layouts and they will be available for generating additional pages on the electronic report.

Configuring and Saving a Layout

  1. Click household member's names or entity names at the top of an Asset-Map to rearrange the members of the Asset-Map.
  2. Once you have arranged the members, open the toggle menu on the right  (View/Hide menu) and select the Layouts option.
  3. Click "Save Current Layout". Type a name for the layout in the text field that appears and click Save.

Here is a 25 second animation that walks you through the process.

The Buchanans have two teenagers. You want to focus on them to discuss their education funding assets. You also want to be able to print that layout.

Note: you can easily flip between layouts using the Layouts menu during a live meeting to enhance your discussion. This may be helpful if you are having a business-oriented conversation or a discussion about a Trust, too.

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