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Please watch our 8 minute instructional on how to make Target-Maps for a Household.
Feel free to hop around in the video, expand it to full screen to catch some details, and replay it as needed.


  • A Target-Map compares two values: the total value of "What you want" (net of taxes and fees) with the total value of "What you have", presented in Present Value equivalents.
  • "What it means" is the amount of capital that represents the over or under funding today associated with this project. 

If a deficit, it is the amount you will need to self fund or find funding for.

Target-Map Templates and Preferences

Target-Map Templates are a quick, convenient way to get the conversation going about funding goals.  

Because these templates use global Target-Map presets found on the Target-Map Preferences page, they make creating Target-Maps a breeze. 

You can create one or more Target-Maps simultaneously by using the Add New Target-Map window. Activate this window by using the toggle menu (View/Hide Menu button) on every Asset-Map Platform page and clicking "Add Target-Map"...

Or by clicking the Target-Maps tab and clicking the ADD button.

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More Resources

More about setting global Target-Map preferences. Click here.
Run scenarios with Target-Maps using the Clone feature! Click here.
Reorder Target-Maps to illustrate their priorities and foster conversation. Click here.

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