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When generating your Comprehensive report, it will always include a Cover Page and Disclosure Page. You have the option to customize the rest of the report by checking the boxes found to the left of each report name.

How to Generate a Comprehensive Report

1. Click Reports from the Household progress bar at the top of the page.

2. Check the boxes to the left of each report that you would like to include in the electronic version.

3. Click Generate Comprehensive Report to download the PDF of the report for saving and printing.

Other PDF Options

Generating a comprehensive report from the Reports tab is just one option. If you click "PDF" adjacent to any individual report, you'll skip the cover page and disclosure page and create just that report.

If you are on the Member tab, Financials tab, Asset-Map tab or Target-Map tab, the toggle menu offers the choice to generate a PDF on the spot.

Other Reports to consider

Investor Profile
Fact-Finder Summary Report
Customize the Comprehensive Report
Balance Sheet Report
Asset-Map Report
Member & Financial Inventories
Policy Summary Report
Financial Fire Drills

Landscape/Portrait (Orientation) - Asset-Map determines the orientation of the PDF. Manual changes to the print-out need to be made with the PDF software or printer software.

The Reports tab is grayed out. I can't create a report - click here for more.

"Internal use only" appears on my PDF - click here for more.

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