Asset-Map now allows advisors to customize their preferences in order to accommodate clients/prospects from various countries. This includes the ability to set country, currency, and preferred date layout.

Note: This feature is dependent upon your arrangement with your Broker Dealer.


  • Setting up Internationalization Defaults
  • Setting up Internationalization on Household Level
  • Internationalization in Asset-Map Platform

Setting up Internationalization Defaults

We recommend setting Internationalization preferences for your book of business based on what will apply to the majority of your households.

*Note: Default preferences in User Preferences will only reflect on new households added into Asset-Map Platform. This will not change existing households.*

  1. Sign in to Asset-Map Platform and go to User Profile.
  2. Click on User Preferences.

3. Click "Settings"

Setting up Internationalization on Household Level

Not all Households situations will match your global preferences - in those cases, you have the capabilities to adjust the Country and Currency preferences at the Household level.

  1. Search for an existing client, or add a new Household into Asset-Map Platform.
  2. Select Edit Household Details.

3. The Household’s Country and Currency can be managed by editing the corresponding fields on the Household Details page.

Internationalization in Asset-Map Platform

The effects of changing the country and currency can be seen in many different places.

  1. Open the Household Index (house icon in top left corner).

 *Note: New Country and Currency columns are available. The currency symbols are reflective in columns showing monetary values.*

2. Click into the household’s Asset-Map to see the updated currency.

3. Click into an individual Asset to update/enter more information.


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