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What is a Sub-advisor?

Sometimes it helps to have a second set of eyes on an Asset-Map. 

Asset-Map allows advisors to easily share cases with fellow advisors (joint work partners) who use Asset-Map for quick and easy collaboration. Here are some things to know about using the sub-advisor functionality:

  • The sub-advisor must be a subscriber and be part of the organization's team.
  • Sub-advisors have the ability to edit and run reports for any households they are added to.
  • Sub-advisors do not have the ability to delete a household in the system.
  • Sharing a household with a fellow advisor in Asset-Map only allows the sub-advisor to see that particular household -- it will not reveal your complete Book of Business.
  • A sub-advisor can be removed from a household at anytime by the lead advisor.
  • The name of the sub-advisor will not appear on the cover page of a comprehensive report.

How to Add/Remove a Sub-Advisor to a Household:

 1. Sub-advisors can be added from the Household Dashboard. Begin by clicking the Add Advisors link under the Advisors heading.

 2. Type in the First or Last Name of the advisor you wish to assign to the household.
 3. Click the name of the appropriate match and then click "Save".

Our system will notify the sub-advisor via email that they've been added to the household.

You can remove an sub-advisor from the same page.

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