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Top Questions Advisors are Asking

  • Q: Why aren't the Riskalyze scores appearing on the Asset-Map?
    A: Viewing scores is optional. Turn on the scores. Go to the Asset-Map menu (slides out from the right). Select Riskalyze "on".
  • Q: Does Asset-Map aggregate multi-member risk scores?
  • A: Asset-Map does not aggregate multi-member riskalyze scores.
    Advisors who use Riskalyze either do one of the following:
  1.  Treat the entire household under one client email by having one combined risk number (completed by one party but mindful of each other) and then upload all their portfolio holdings into one "client" in Riskalyze.  When they sync with Asset-Map, they are bringing over scores for that one party and then adjusting the location of the asset ownership on the Asset-Map; or...
  2. Both members complete the scoring.  In this case you should be putting the portfolio of each person with the actual owner in Riskalyze.  But this causes a problem with joint assets:  Who should you put joint assets under?  Then you SYNC BOTH people in Riskalyze and Asset-Map by going to the Household Details and looking for the other client (Asset-Map member).

The other thing you could do is do a modified #2 above when you want both numbers of their risk target to show but one score of the portfolio as a household.  Put all the assets under one party in riskalyze and then none under the second person.  When you sync both members you will get independent targets for each of them and a single portfolio score next to the primary member.  


The Riskalyze  integration with Asset Map imports member Riskalyze scores into Asset Map that can be shown and printed on the Household Asset Map. After using Riskalyze to locate their client a user can include their client’s Riskalyze score(s) on the Asset Map.  The subsequent sections of this document will outline each key area and functionality  in more detail.

Enable and Access

To enable your Riskalyze  integration, navigate to your Integrations pane within the Asset Map Platform (AMP).

Select Riskalyze  from the integration listings.

To enable the Riskalyze integration click the “Enable Riskalyze Integration” button after selecting Riskalyze from the integrations menu.

Asset Map will open a new tab for the user to log in using their Riskalyze credentials:

Authorize Riskalyze to share information with Asset Map:

NOTE: After authorizing Riskalyze to share information with Asset Map the user will need to log in to Asset Map. Logging in to Asset Map verifies this authorization. 

Authenticate with Riskalyze using SSO:

By using Riskalyze SSO the user will be able to access Riskalyze from Asset Map with the click of a button (shown above). 

Search for your clients Riskalyze information from within Asset Map using the search on this page:

Workflow & Included Information

Search for your clients Riskalyze information from within Asset Map using the search on this page:

When you see the client you would like to Import, click Import next to their name:

After clicking Import, the client information from Riskalyze will be imported to Asset Map and the Household Summary will appear:

Note that you will now have the ability to sync this Household with Riskalyze at any time directly from the Household Summary. 

If you wish to link client information from Riskalyze with previously existing, unlinked Household Members in Asset Map, please follow this process:

Select the Riskalyze integration from the Household Summary:

Search for the client you are looking for from within the Household:

From the Import To drop down list, select the previously existing, unlinked Household Member (Jane Doe in this example):

After a successful import, the person you selected will appear in the list of linked Household Members:

Example Asset Map created using the Riskalyze Integration:

When linked, the user has the option to hide or show the Riskalyze scores using the Riskalyze switch on the Asset-Map menu:

Various pages from within Riskalyze can be accessed directly from Asset Map using the Modals from the Asset Map. By clicking on the appropriate Household  Member and selecting the Riskalyze tab from the Modal the Riskalyze Client and/or Riskalyze Portfolio can be accessed:

Similarly, if an instrument/account from the Asset Map is selected the associated client in Riskalyze can be viewed as well as the associated portfolio:

Included Information

The Riskalyze scores for the Household Members, and their associated account that exist in Riskalyze are included as a part of the Riskalyze Integration with Asset Map.


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