In this article you will find various financial calculators that may assist you in fine tuning your household's Asset-Map and Target-Map Reports.
 In this article:

  • Social Security Calculator
  • Social Security Strategy Calculator
  • Long Term Care Calculator
  • College Cost Calculator

Social Security Calculator

The IRS Gov site provides a very handy (and quick!) calculator to help determine a person's projected Social Security. This is often used in conjunction with the Cash-flow Target-Map when being used to build a Retirement Analysis. 

Social Security Strategy Calculator

Maximize the total dollars you can expect to spend over a lifetime.

Long Term Care Calculator

When building a Long-Term Care analysis using the Target-Map Reports, it is important to know what the Cost of Care is according to the state in which you do business.

College Cost Calculator provides a calculator that can be useful when determining the cost needed to plan for Education Funding.

Please note: the function and accuracy of these financial calculators are not the responsibility of Asset-Map Holdings, Inc. They are provided for educational purposes only.


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