Our team recommends that Google Chrome be your browser of choice when using Asset-Map. Not only have we found that the speed is often faster than fellow browsers, but Chrome is chock full of helpful tools and resources that they call "Extensions".
Extensions can be added to the Chrome browser and show up as small icons found to the right of the browser bar -- this makes them a great resource to have at your fingertips for use in meetings and presentations.
Check out recommended favorites and many others can be found on the Chrome Web Store found here.

1. Epic Pen

This drawing tool can be downloaded onto any computer. Perfect for marking up reports - just take a screenshot of your notes for easy reference after your meeting.

2. Calculator

One quick click and you'll get a scientific calculator at your finger tips. Perfect for on-the-go or out-of-office meetings -- when you don't have your real calculator handy.

3. Merge Windows

By clicking this extension, all currently open windows will get merged into one Window. This is perfect for dealing with pages or reports that open in separate windows when clicked. No more searching for windows that get hidden behind MORE windows!

4. One Window 

Similar to Merge Windows -- use if you know that you'll always want new windows to open in the current window you are using. This extension will automatically move new windows & pop-up's as tabs into your current window. i.e. only one window is being used.


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