The unique visual map style of the Asset-Map Factfinder will allow advisors to build and visualize a client’s Asset-Map Report during reviews and initial meetings. Use Factfinders to take clear, concise notes that the Lead and Sub-advisors, as well as Delegates, can follow and understand.
You can print the Asset-Map Factfinder using the PDF copies found as attachments in this article.
The Mini Factfinder will print on normal, 8 1/2 x 11, printer paper. There is also a Bold version.
We recommend printing the Factfinder as an 11 x 17, double-sided document that is then folded in half. Make sure to adjust your printer settings as needed before printing.
Also, you'll find a link to the Factfinders Best Practices below.

Factfinder PDF - 11 x 17 (includes 6 Ls)
Mini Factfinder PDF - 8 1/2 x 11  (includes 6 Ls)
Mini Bold Factfinder PDF - same as Mini Factfinder but with bold text instead of light

Asset-Map Best Practice for Fact Finding
Learn the 6 Ls - the 6 events that commonly change the course of financial well-being 

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