Combining key information you've entered in different areas within the platform, the Fact Finder Summary is a one-page collect that can be kept in a client file along with their Asset-Map. It can be a standalone document or made part of the comprehensive report.

In this article

  • Financial and Insurance information
  • Investment Experience and Risk information
  • Personal information
  • Create the Fact Finder Summary

Enter Financial & Insurance Information on the Asset-Map

The Financial and Insurance information you've entered on the Asset-Map will be reflected on the Fact Finder Summary Report.

Enter Investment Experience/Objectives/Priorities

Enter information n the Investor Profile area in the Household Details. 

More on that here.

Complete the Member's Essentials tab and Data tab

The more information you add, the more complete the Fact Finder Summary report will be.

Create the Fact Finder Summary Report

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. Check Fact Finder Summary to include in the Comprehensive Report or click PDF for a standalone page.


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