Target-Map Reports automatically include future cash-flows such as Social Security or Pensions, but only if they've first been added to the household's Asset-Map Report.
"Expected" Income
Income items that have been added to the Asset-Map Report will appear in the list of Cash-Flow Sources Available found on the What You Have tab of the Target-Maps.

Simply check the box next to the applicable cash-flow to apply it to your Target-Map.
REMEMBER: You should be careful to match up the START and END ages of the Social Security or Pension with the START and END ages of your Cash-flow Need.

Custom Future Income

If you have not yet added the future income to the Asset-Map Report, or wish to leave it off of the Asset-Map Report, you have the option to add Social Security/Pensions as Custom Cash-flows while editing the Target-Map. Follow these steps:

 1. Open the Target-Map you're working on and click the What You Have tab

 2. Under the Cash-Flow Heading, click the Add Custom Cash-flow button

3. Fill out the custom cash-flow edit window to include the Name, Annual $ Amount, and the Start & Edit Ages that apply. The START AGE should equal the age that the income will kick in. The END AGE should be the last year of the cash-flow need.

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