Checking "Joint Ownership"

An asset or liability that is added with the Joint Ownership box CHECKED will be displayed below the two owners on an Asset-Map report.
If the AMR is only displaying ONE (and not both) of the owners, you will see the financial item to the side of the individual. The financial box will show the total amount of the financial item's value and the percentage that the individual owns will be displayed in parentheses.

Un-checking "Joint Ownership"

By un-checking the Joint Ownership box, you will see the financial item show up to the side of each individual who has been designated as an owner.
The value in the financial box will now show the numerical amount of the portion that was designated as owned by the individual. i.e. if Diane Ward owns 50% of a $1M business interest, the box next to her will show a value of $500,000.

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