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The Asset-Map Report visually depicts 1-2 members or entities and their related financials. For households with more members, we recommend creating Layouts in order to show other key people or entities in their own Asset-Map.

Creating Layouts

  1. Use the list of household members found above the Asset-Map Report to configure the layout. Clicking a household member's name will reveal or hide them from the Asset-Map. 
  2. Once you have the layout you wish to save, click View Menu and then click Layouts.
  3. Select Save Current Layout, name your Layout and click Save.

For Presentations

Since Asset-Map is a visually engaging tool for remote meetings or live presentations, use the advantage of switching between Layouts on the fly.  Click the Layouts option in the menu, and click the saved Asset-Map views as you discuss each member's situation.

Generate PDFs 

Layouts can be included as part of a Comprehensive report from the Reports tab. Check off the added Layouts as required before clicking the Generate Comprehensive Report button.


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