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Top Questions Advisors are Asking

Q. Why aren't my Notes printing, or why is the formatting off? This may cause an error that looks like this: "Unable to generate PDF - 'content'"

A. Pasting text from any other program into Notes includes hidden characters which Notes does not recognize. Paste plain, non-formatted text into Notes and use the Notes formatting Tools

Imagine sending this to the client post-meeting or before a client review...

How to Save a Note to a Member or Financial

  1. Navigate to a Household.
  2. Open/Add an Asset, Insurance, Cash Flow, Liability or Member.
  3. Click on the "Notes" tab.
  4. Type your notes in the text box. Format as desired.
  5. Click Save Changes

Suggested Uses

  • make a task list for you, your administrator or your client
  • type your questions about the financial or member
  • place reminders for yourself

View and Print Notes

Within your browser
From the Reports tab, click "Notes" to view your notes within your browser.

Electronic page
Click PDF to print a separate page of notes.

Part of the report
Click the check box next to Notes and click Generate Comprehensive Report to include your notes in a multi-page document.

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