Retirement contributions can be added into the Details section of any retirement asset. Once you've added the contributions being made to the asset, you can apply the contributions to a household's Retirement Target-Map.

Employer Contributions

Handle employer contributions in one of the following ways:

  • Add the annual dollar value to the employee contribution on the Details tab of the asset financial
  • Add a cash flow financial onto the Asset-Map and name it "Employer Contribution"
  • Add a cash flow asset onto the Retirement Target-Map's What you Have tab.

Employee Contributions:

  1. Add or Click an Asset to edit the financial.
  2. Click into the "Details" tab of the retirement asset.
  3. Next, add the Annual Contribution amount and set the Start and End Age/Date. 
    NOTE: you can get accurate to the day if you select the Date option.

Here's how to apply contributions to a Target-Map:

  1. First, open a Retirement Target-Map
  2. Next, click into the "What you have" section of the Target-Map.
  3. Under "Cash Flow Sources", check on the retirement contribution that you wish to apply to the retirement plan.

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