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Property and Casualty Insurances (P&C) are an important consideration in a client's overall financial fitness. Apply P&C financial tiles to an Asset-Map to engage your clients in these important conversations. Include them in your Comprehensive Report for your client.

How to add a Property and Casualty Insurance Financial

To Add a Property & Casualty instrument to an Asset-Map select Add Insurance from the Asset-Map Tools menu (View Menu), then select Property & Casualty from the Insurance Type pick list. Complete the required information, and Save Changes.

(This can be done from the Financials Tab as well under the Insurance section.)

Required Fields - Essentials Tab

  • Insured Member
  • Reference Name
  • Insurance Carrier
  • Coverage Amount

Non-Required Fields - Essentials Tab

  • Covered Assets
  • Policy Owner

About Covered Assets

If an asset is selected under the Insured Assets pick-list in a Property & Casualty insurance instrument modal, the Property & Casualty instrument will then appear attached and below the selected asset(s) on the Asset-Map of the Insured Member.

P&C Financials Display Option

P&C Display will show Property & Casualty instruments when it is enabled. When disabled, the P&C instruments will not be visible on the Asset-Map in an effort to keep the Asset-Map concise if there are a large number of Property & Casualty policies in a Household.

Property & Casualty instruments can still be added to a Household when P&C Display is disabled. They are still visible in the Financials view, and they are still visible on the Policy Summary.



P&C Policy Summary (Reports tab)

Property & Casualty Insurance types have been added to the Policy Summary report as their own unique category. Advisors have the ability to dynamically include/exclude Property & Casualty insurances by simply (de)selecting the associated check box from the page in order to quickly limit the information displayed for purposes of more focused discussions and reporting. This same option has also been added to the existing Reports page, allowing advisors to easily include/exclude insurance types for both their ad-hoc and comprehensive reporting needs.

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