Add a retirement or annuity distribution on an Asset-Map when it makes sense to have that conversation with your client or prospect. For example, they could be taking a distribution now. Or, if they are in pre-retirement and preparing to take a distribution in the near future you can represent that with a tile, as well.

How do I add an Annuity or Retirement Asset?

Use the Add Asset option on the tools menu. Select Retirement or Non-retirement from the Asset Type menu. This affects the color of the financial on the Asset-Map: Retirement = red border around the tile. Non-retirement = green border. Retirement assets will automatically be applied to fund retirement on Retirement Target-Maps.

How do I Show a Retirement or Annuity Distribution on an Asset-Map?

  • Use the Add Cash Flow option. Select Distributions or Annuity from the Cash Flow Type drop down menu.
  • Include the start age or date and end age or date of the cash flow.
  • If the annual amount reflects the inflated value when it becomes available, select the Future Value check box.

The text of the financial tile will appear grayed out if the availability of the cash flow in the age or date field is in the future.

How do I Show a Retirement or Annuity Distribution on a Target-Map?

  • If you've added it to the Asset-Map as a retirement cash flow, the Retirement Target-Map template will display it on the What you Have tab. You decide if it should be applied to fund the need or not by checking the distribution line item.
  • You can always add a distribution manually to the Target-Map using the Add Cash Flow button. It will not affect the Asset-Map. This could be helpful when you are running scenarios using the Clone button.
  • If you have both asset and its distribution within a Target-Map's What you Have tab, apply either one or the other. Otherwise you'll be double-dipping.

Do Distributions Automatically Draw Down from the Asset?

Distributions do not draw down from the Asset.


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