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  • Data imported from Redtail into Asset-Map
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Top Questions Advisors are Asking

  • Q. Are financial accounts imported?
    A. Member information is imported at this time.
  • Q. How do I change head of household? The Asset-Map Role (Primary and Spouse) is locked.
    A. Within Redtail, click into the Family. Click the Sprocket icon and select Change Head. Then resynchronize.

Data imported from Redtail into Asset-Map

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Marital Status (if applicable)
  • Marital Date (if applicable)
  • Home/Work Address(es)
  • All phone numbers entered in to Redtail

Enable Integration

To enable your Redtail integration, navigate to your Integrations pane within the Asset Map Platform (AMP).

Select Redtail from the integration listings.

Select LINK REDTAIL ACCOUNT and enter your Redtail credentials on the Redtail page that appears.

Import Contact Workflow

  1. After enabling the Redtail integration the user will be able to search their Redtail database to import Redtail contacts as household members into AMP. As shown below:

2. Search for your desired Contact to import from Redtail and click “Import”:

3. After clicking “Import” you can choose between importing all contacts in the Redtail ‘family’ record, or choose one contact that is associated:

4. Once you make a selection of one or all contacts, you will see the option to view the newly imported Asset Map:

5. After clicking “VIEW” your newly generate Household and Asset Map will appear.

It is also possible to link a client’s information that is currently in Redtail with one or multiple previously existing Household Members.

Note: Only Households with a Client or Prospective status in Asset-Map are eligible for use with Integrations. This will not work with Samples or Stencils.

To link previously existing Household Members, navigate to the Household Summary:

In the Integrations pane, click on Redtail:

Unlinking & Deleting Members Linked to Redtail

With the ability to import Contacts from Redtail to Asset Map there are slight differences between how linked members are deleted or unlinked. If a Redtail contact is individually linked (Import One), simply clicking the “unlink” button shown below will successfully unlink the desired household member.

If a Redtail contact is linked using the Entire Household (Import All) the Contact will need to be moved from the Redtail family or deleted from Redtail and the Household re-synced with Asset Map again. If the Household Member is deleted but the Contact is not moved or deleted in Redtail, upon the next Household sync in Asset Map the previously deleted Household Member will be imported to the Household again. 

As a reminder, when a user attempts to unlink a member that was imported using the Import All feature, they will be prompted with a notice that the member they are attempting to unlink is/was part of an "Entire Household" import feature. Therefore the Member/Contact must be moved or deleted in Redtail first followed by syncing the Household within Asset Map.

View Redtail Record from Asset-Map

The Redtail Contact page can be accessed directly from the Redtail tab in the Member Modal in Asset Map:


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