Working out again

When you've been out of the platform for awhile the habits you've built need a refresher. It's like going back to the gym on a regular basis!

Below is a refresher of our repeatable, measurable process, designed for advisors who feel the same way that we do: simplify for the client so we can advise them better and to provide a referrable experience.

Let's get started:  Prospecting, engaging current clients, or re-engaging orphaned clients.

For starters, get some ideas by downloading our fully scripted dialog for introducing Asset-Map to prospects

  1. First, log in and print a sample. Just click here to find your samples.
  2. Check your book of business or prospect list and write down two or more specific client or prospect names. Use our client tracker going forward, to measure your work.
  3. Introduce Asset-Map in the following way:
    "I'm using software that organizes your financial decisions on one page. It looks like this. Do you want me to make one for you?"
    Hand them the sample.  They'll say "Yes!"
  4. You're in the driver's seat. Say "Great! Expect an email from my office with a brief, user-friendly online interview to get us started. We're not asking for any big details. I'll have your Asset-Map ready shortly after you've finished."
  5. Email to them your advisor link to the online Direct-to-Consumer fact-finder, (known as "Asset-Map Discovery"). Your personal inbound link can be found by clicking here. Press the "copy" button to copy the link text found in the gray box. Paste it into an email to your client.

You'll be notified by us when they've started and completed the interview.

Next step: Examine their Asset-Map and set the appointment

(You can contact us to examine it with you!)

  1. Click the link within the email notification from Asset-Map to take you to the new household and their Asset-Map. You get the first look! (Check to make sure our emails aren't blocked or registered as junk mail.)
  2. Many maps are incomplete. They don't show the whole financial picture. Apply a Stencil of their peer group to display $1 placeholder tiles. These tiles become your topics of discussion. Here's how:

Remove duplicate tiles or other tiles that aren't applicable to the client.

3. Call them up and invite them to a meeting. Say, "Thanks for filling out the online interview. I have your Asset-Map ready and I have some questions I'd like to ask you. What day this week can you come in and at what time?"  

4. Download our two best questions for Asset-Maps documents and use them in your meeting to find opportunities to help your clients. Download here:
Ask the Right Questions
Financial Fire Drills

5. Our goals-based progress report tool (Target-Maps™) can easily be run based on a more complete Asset-Map. It's the next step to take. Use our online support center to learn more, or click the chat bubble to send us a message that you'd like to talk.

Repeat the process weekly and provide the Asset-Map team your feedback using the chat bubble in the platform.

Resources to continue your success:


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