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Top Questions Advisors are Asking

Q. Are financials imported?
A. Client information is imported. No financial instruments are imported from Black Diamond


The Black Diamond integration with Asset Map Platform™ will have the ability to import client user details from the Black Diamond application into Asset Map. In addition, there is functionality to post an Asset Map of a client who exists mutually between the two platforms from Asset-Map to the Black Diamond Timeline.

Enable Integration

1. To enable your Black Diamond integration, navigate to the Integrations page within the Asset Map Platform.

2. Select Black Diamond from the integration listings.

3. Authenticate the Black Diamond integration using the login credentials for your Black Diamond Wealth Platform. Once you have successfully authenticated you will be able to use the Black Diamond integration to begin creating households in Asset-Map, via import from Black Diamond, as well as adding/linking new household members to existing Asset-Map households based upon existing Black Diamond relationship data. 

After successful authentication the Asset-Map screen should appear as follows in Asset-Map:

Workflow and Included Information

Search Black Diamond “Relationships” for a client record via the search bar and either click Import to create a Household or click View to view a Household that has already been imported.  Additionally,  users may also click the outlink icon:

in order to jump directly into the corresponding Black Diamond client user to verify contact details prior to importing into Asset-Map.

Member Level Information

  • First & Last Name
  • Country
  • Citizenship
  • Email

Member Level Notes

Gender is set by default to Neutral. Please modify the gender as you see fit within Asset-Map by clicking the member's avatar and setting the Gender field.

Instrument Level Information

  • No financial instruments are imported from Black Diamond.

Posting Asset-Map Reports to Black Diamond

Once an Asset-Map Member has been linked to a Black Diamond Client record, you will be able to post a copy of that Member’s Asset Map Report to their Black Diamond Timeline via Black Diamond’s “Poster” functionality. 

From within the “Poster” tool, you then have the ability to determine the proper “audience” (all Clients within the Relationship vs only a specific member of that Relationship) for this post, as well add notes, images, emoji, set notification preferences, etc.

A Workflow Example

1. Enable Black Diamond (BD) Integration and search BD Relationship to view/import as Asset-Map (AMP) household.

2. Go to the household summary page and link existing AMP members to existing BD Clients, or add existing BD clients into an existing AMP household.

3. From within the Asset-Map Members tab, click the linked member. Or, from the Asset-Map report, click on the avatar of a linked member in the middle of the page to open its edit window, and “post” an Asset-Map Report to BD from the Black Diamond tab.

Select the “Black Diamond” tab within a Member modal to “Post”

4. Clicking “POST TO TIMELINE” will open a pre-populated BD “Poster” with the electronic copy PDF of the Asset-Map report attached. This provides the Advisor the ability to add notes, modify the BD “audience”, set notification preferences, etc..

5. Click “Post” and the new message will appear in the Black Diamond Timeline  visible to the Advisor as well as the selected audience (Client vs Relationship group)

Black Diamond Advisor Grid

Black Diamond Timeline Advisor View

Black Diamond Timeline Client View - multiple posts

Black Diamond Timeline Client View - single post


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What to do: Please contact Black Diamond support. They will address this error.


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