Experience has taught us that a successful journey includes specific achievements (called Milestones). Each achievement builds on the prior one. The above clickable image is an overview of your SmartStart journey.

You will benefit from learning the platform, using best practices, and meeting with your clients, who will be very happy you took this road.

Your constant feedback is critical!

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In this article

  • Related articles, Downloads and Getting Started Videos
  • Overview
  • Choose specific clients
  • Download and print a Sample
  • Introduce the Asset-Map concept: Some suggestions of what to say
  • Send a Discovery Interview request or make an Asset-Map with what you know
  • Add a Stencil or $1 financial tiles to the Asset-Map to highlight important discussion topics
  • Set the meeting appointment
  • Print copies for everyone in the meeting
  • Ask great question to explore their financial situation

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Quick videos and articles to get started fast.

How to Make an Asset-Map
How to Make a Target-Map
How to Assign a Delegate (to assist in making and managing Households)

PDF downloads to implement Asset-Map in your routine

6-step Asset-Map Field Process
Client Tracker (Keystone Habits)
Ask the Right Questions
Financial Fire Drills

The 4 core Asset-Map videos to watch right away


Keep in mind: Asset-Map is a process, not software.  We've attached a document describing how Asset-Map fits every stage of a client's journey with you.
(Download the free 6-step Asset-Map Field Process)
Below is a suggested methodology to integrate the Asset-Map Process into your routine with specific things to say and associated links to resources.

Choose your client(s)

Choose one, two or more clients that you would like to approach with an Asset-Map. Can you think of one or two names for this week and next?  (They don't have to have complex situations, but they can be). 

Write them down. Now's the time to download our client tracker. We call it the Keystone Habits.  Use this moving forward.

Search for and Download a Sample

We've given you a choice of samples. Search for the word "Sample" in the search field. 

Click the sample household, click the Reports tab and select "Download Comprehensive report", or click the PDF next to the Asset-Map category.


Give your client or prospect a sample Asset-Map. Say or email something like this (This is merely an example, but works. Make it yours. Please ensure that any email compliance considerations are taken into account): 

"I'm trying a process that puts all of your financial decisions on one page. It brings more order and simplifies your financials. It gives you a chance to clearly determine if we need to optimize things or if things are alright.  Do you want me to make one for you?"

They'll say, "Yes!"

Option 1, use Discovery Interview -
"Great.  Here is my online interview which asks high level questions and takes 15 minutes to do." 

Send an email with your advisor "inbound" link. You may find your inbound link here: 


Our Support Center has a few more details about the Inbound Link worth noting, like how to use it in an email signature file and how to link it to a web button.

You will be notified by email when they start and complete the online interview. The email will have a link to click to their Asset-Map created in your book of business. You will see their Asset-Map first. 

Option 2, manual - make an Asset-Map manually if you already have some outdated, or incomplete data in your records. Incomplete is good for now.

Apply a Stencil, depending on their age or financial situation (boomer, genx, millennial).  Delete some stencil tiles that are redundant and save some of the $1 tiles that make sense to save for the sake of discussion.

You can learn all about stencils here.

Set the Appointment

Call them up, set the appointment. Say something like: "I have your Asset-Map ready. I've got some questions for you. What day and time this week is good to meet?"

In the Appointment

Print copies or email PDF reports for everyone in the meeting (you, too). And, everyone gets a pen. 

Suggested language in your meeting (again, make it your own):
"We will cover your Asset-Map during the first 10 minutes of every meeting. Please take a look and see if anything needs to be corrected, updated, or if anything is missing.  Feel free to use your pens and mark it up!"

Ask them good questions in the meeting.  We've included a resource to "Ask them the right questions"  and, for deeper insights, the "Financial Fire Drills".  

Take both documents into your meeting and start really knowing your client and finding options to improve their situation.

We are your business partners for the long term. If you would like to connect with us on a coaching call, use our online Web Meeting Calendar and book some time.

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