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How do I get Started?

Before you can successfully enable your Veo® integration within Asset-Map you must first complete the required Release of Information (ROI) form and submit it to TD Support via email &/or fax (specified within the form).  

Once TD has received your request, a member of their Support team will enable access to the Veo® Platform and notify you accordingly.  Once you have received confirmation from TD that access has been granted you may enable the integration within Asset-Map by simply entering your Veo® credentials and clicking the “link” button.

Top Questions Advisors are Asking

Q. What information is imported over from Veo®?
A. Member information and Financial Instruments (making Tiles on an Asset-Map). Details in the article below.

Q. What's the most important thing to do before I use this integration.
A. Ensure clean Veo® data (accurate, complete, up-to-date, with no duplicate entries) translates into the best Asset-Maps with minimum changes before you meet with the client.


The Veo® integration with Asset-Map will have the ability to import member and instrument data and information from the Veo® platform into Asset-Map. When a search is executed via the integration in Asset Map and a client is imported an Asset-Map Household will be created and all eligible data will be imported directly into Asset-Map.


  1. To enable your Veo® integration, navigate to your Integrations pane within the Asset-Map Platform (AMP).

2. Select Veo® from the integration listings.

3. Authenticate the Veo® integration using the login credentials for Veo® Platform. Once a user successfully authenticates they will be able to use the Veo® integration to begin creating households in AMP and linking members to existing households if the household already exists and the client already exists in Veo®. 

After successful authentication the user screen should appear as follows in AMP:

Workflow & Included Information

The user can search for a client record via the search bar and either import to create a Household or click View to view a Household that has already been imported. User must be logged in to search/import.

Member Level Information

  • First & Last Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Role
  • Citizenship

Key Member Level Notes

  • Date of Birth (DOB) imports to AMP from Veo® as the date that the import is completed. This is expected behavior. Set the member's date to the correct date of birth.
  • Gender is set to default to Not Specified. This is expected behavior. Set the member to the correct gender.

Instrument Level Information

  • Asset Type
  • Account Type
  • Instrument Choice (for Retirement Assets only)
  • Owner Members
  • Reference Name
  • Location
  • Value
  • Date Collected

Key Instrument Level Notes:

  • In the Asset/Instrument edit window the “Percentage Ownership” will always default to 100% for the member who is listed as the primary account holder in Veo®. If the user desires that percentage to be different than 100% (for example asset is jointly allocated to a member who is NOT imported via the Veo® integration) that will need to be adjusted manually after importing. 

Note: Only Households with a Client or Prospective status are eligible for use with Integrations. This will not work with Samples or Stencils.

To link previously existing Household Members, navigate to the Household Summary page:

In the Integrations pane, click on Veo®:

Search for the previously existing Household Member in the Veo® search bar within the Household:

Once the desired Household Member is located in the search, from the Import To dropdown list, select the Household Member you would like to link the information from Veo®to Asset Map:

After selecting the appropriate Household Member from the Import To drop down list, click Import to link the information from Veo® to the Household Member. Once the Household Member is successfully linked, they will show up as a linked member on the Veo® integration screen within their Household. 

If you're not an Asset-Map subscriber and would like a demonstration, schedule one today! We'd love to show you.


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