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Top Questions Advisors are Asking

  • Q. Why can't I run the Education Target-Map for a parent?

    A. The template is currently designed to be used for dependents. The solution is to create a Custom Target-Map.

Education Target-Map Template for Dependents

Create an Education Target-Map to open the conversation of how the client will fund their dependent's education. Here is a 20 second animation:

If the dependent has no non-retirement asset assigned to them on the Asset-Map , none will automatically be applied in the Target-Map. The default template uses 18 years old as the start age and 22 years old as the end age, making for a 4 year cash flow requirement. Modify ages and values on the What you Want tab.

Custom Education Target-Map for Non-dependents

Use the Custom Template and build the requirements for a non-dependent's education.

The process is the same as outlined in the animation above. Click the Custom option.

Education Financial on an Asset-Map Report

Display the current education asset or open the conversation with a $1 bill education tile on an Asset-Map.  Click Add Asset on the Asset-Map menu and select Non-Retirement type. Please watch the animation below.

Display the tile on both the dependent and a parent.
On Interested Member select the dependent.
Switch to the Details tab and select a parent on the Custodian drop-down list.

Check out Layouts to save the parent+dependent map and include it as a page in the Comprehensive Report.

Check out our video about the Education market and how to use Asset-Map to discuss it with a client.


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