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  • How to add a Social Security cash flow onto an Asset-Map
  • How it affects a Target-Map

Social Security is a type of Cash Flow in Asset-Map

  • Click Add Cash Flow on the map menu.
  • Select Cash Flow Type: Social Security

Fill in the rest of the Add Cash Flow form.

  • Decide at which age Social Security will start. (example: 70)
  • Check the statement for the monthly value corresponding to the age. (example: $2347 a month)
  • Enter the annual amount into the Annual Amount field. (example: $2347 x 12 = $28,164)
  • Select "Future Value" if the value is already inflated at the future age. Note: government statements offer both Future value and Present values. Apply the check box appropriately.
  • Enter age of Availability (Start age or date); enter the age of estimated mortality (age or date). (example: Start: 70, End: 100)

The tile will appear with gray text and a colored border if the Start date/age entered is in the future. The value will not be calculated as part of the current income stream.

The asset will appear on a Target-Map's "What you have" tab.

Applying Future Value in Asset-Map means that the value on the asset-map is inflated with COLA up to the age that it becomes available.  On a Target-Map, whatever COLA is set for that cash flow is then calculated from age of availability to mortality.


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