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On your Discovery administration page find your advisor inbound link in the gray field.

The Inbound Link can be used in various ways, whether it's as a clickable link in your email signature, on your companies web page, or in a direct email to a client or prospect. Here are a three tips on how to use the tool to your advantage. (Check with you firm's appropriate department for compliance and correct formatting policies.)

Here are a few steps to help you customize and place the Inbound Link in your email signature:

Customizing the link - Copy the Inbound Link from the Discovery Page in Asset-Map to your email platform, then follow these steps depending on which service you use:

Placing the link in your email signature -  Copy the updated link from the step above and follow these remaining steps:

Paste your inbound link into the Signature box and you're good to go!

Utilize the Inbound Link as a way to turn people that view your website into new prospects. Embed the link into a clickable graphic or text on your company's home page and have them walk through our interactive factfinder. They will be making their own Asset-Map in your book of business.

Utilizing blind carbon copy (BCC) is an option in most email software to privately send an email with the Inbound Link to multiple prospects or clients, engaging them without revealing the email addresses of everyone in the group. 

Other mass email services may be utilized for the same purpose.  Please contact your firm or broker dealer for further information on sending mass emails.


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