February 2020

Black Diamond Integration

Import client user details from the Black Diamond application into Asset Map. Post an Asset Map of a client who exists mutually between the two platforms from Asset-Map to the Black Diamond Timeline. Read more about it here.

Added Beneficiary Report
Now you have the option to include in your client's Comprehensive Report a checklist showing which assets have been designated with a beneficiary and those that haven't. Estate planning and inheritance is a key topic in your client meetings.
Go to the Support article to learn how to designate beneficiaries and run the report.

Improved Interface for Adding a Household
Making a household manually used to be a two-step process. Now it is all done from one page. 

  • Select the type of household you are making (client, prospect, sample, stencil),
  • Enter the household details and member information,
  • Choose to make the household "private", so only your log-in can access it in the Household Index.

October 2019

Target-Map Cash Flow Details

(Support article)

  • Communicates how the spending needs evolve over time, incorporating inflation and expected net return on capital. The What you Want.
  • Show what sources of capital are already in place and when they come into play. The What you Have.
  • and Display the values of assets that need to be planned for distribution to make up for any shortfall in cash flow.

June 2019

Notes Tab Update - New Text Formatting

Notes are great if you need a task list or if you would like to make a reminder to yourself about a person or item on a map. Use the notes tab on their edit window. 

Now you can use formatting to improve the legibility of your notes, and you can even include web links to other resources.

Other fixes and enhancements

  • We fixed Wallet Share formatting on the Key Financial Figures page. 
  • Our Messenger bubble was stretched when you viewed Asset-Map on a mobile device. That has been corrected.
  • We also continued updating the platform to get ready for new integrations coming soon!

April 2019

View & Print Your Notes

This month we roll out a new feature enhancement. Notes you type on the notes tab in financials and members can now be viewed on one page. Additionally, you can print them - either separately or as part of a report.

Learn more about this enhancement here.

The team made more behind-the-scenes enhancements that pave the way for upcoming integrations as well as functionality tweaks.

February 2019

New Branding

New branding tops the list of our platform updates this month. We've rolled out our new logo and migration to a broader color pallet, bringing a new look to the platform and printed reports.

Real Estate Asset

The asset type formerly called "Residence" is now called "Real Estate". This implies a wider category to land and building assets which are not a family's primary residence.

January 2019

Financial Fire Drills in Reports tab

The popular Financial Fire Drills questionnaire has been added to the Reports tab on a household. Create the single electronic document or include it in a comprehensive report.

Here's how to use it: You've got some data about them on their Asset-Map, and now you need to dig a little deeper to understand how prepared they are for events that could significantly disrupt their financial stability.  It's an important part of your routine. Use the Financial Fire Drills, then run appropriate Target-Maps to gauge how close they are to meeting those needs. If they're short, provide them options.  

Here's the Support article takes you through the process.

Real Estate Asset Option
A Real Estate option has been added to the Assets window. Use it to designate a property that is not the household's primary residence.

Home Equity Calculation is now a Key Financial Figure

Key Financial Figures is a planner's tool to monitor what financials are most import to you to track for each household.  More about the Key Financial Figures here.

Target-Map text change: "Analysis" to "Calculation"

Functional Tweaks

  • We will show the Asset-Map page menu (the view/hide menu) by default instead of hiding it. The advisor voice told us that the slide out menu, when hidden by default, is not intuitively obvious to use.
  • When you create a single Target-Map, we take you right into edit mode for the Target-Map instead of the Target-Map summary page.
  • An "interested member" can no longer be a Grantor or Custodian (on the Details tab). This function changes the box color to yellow. In other words, Asset-Map differentiates between who the funds are intended for and who/what controls the funds.
  • Invite A Peer Referral program (click your advisor name, upper right area and select "Invite a Peer") now takes you to a referral form that is easy to use. Remember, that if your referral pays their first invoice, you get a free month! Details on the page under Terms and Conditions.
    Thank you in advance for your referrals!

November 2018

We have continued updating back-end functionality for future roll-outs of more integrations, as well as made usability tweaks, as requested by you. Keep the feedback coming!

A much requested tweak was the inclusion in our Rounding display feature for tens. Up to this point we offered rounding to 100s, and 1000s. You'll find how to do that in Customize my Firm's Settings.

City and State are now optional information when you build a household (or your prospect fills out the Discovery interview) . Check out how to Make an Asset-Map and Discovery interview tool if you would like more information about Discovery.

We have implemented a way to upload and update assets for members of a household using a CSV file.  If you are able to export asset data from a different financial program you use, you'll be able to import that data to one member of a household. We call it the Loader and you can learn the steps in our  Loader support article.

October 2018

Marker marking tool

Use our new drawing feature to mark up an Asset-Map; take client engagement electronic!

Main page navigation icons

We've provided navigation buttons to our most requested features on the main page.

Tweaks and improvements

The Asset-Map image on a household summary page will auto-refresh to show a smaller image of the full Asset-Map.

Back-end improvements have been implemented to ready us for the next rounds of integrations, as well as improve performance.

August 2018

We've made under-the-hood improvements to optimize speed, improve processing efficiency and other mods to help prepare for future partner integrations.  But, aside from the things you cannot see, here are some of the things you can:

Orion Integration
Our partnership with Orion has led to a cool integration bringing with it amazing features to enhance client meeting interactions.  Click here to learn more.

Negative Cash Flows
What if you could show the impact of taxes, or expenses, or any other reduction from an income on an Asset-Map? Advisors have been asking for this function because it is an important point of discussion. In the August updates we've included just that. You'll find a new section called "Expenses" in the Cash Flow Type menu (top drop down) of a Cash Flow edit window.

Couple of notes: 

  • Negative cash flows won't be included in Target-Maps. 
  • We've also changed the color of negative numbers (negative cash flows and liabilities) to red on an Asset-Map report.

"Add Income" now called "Add Cash Flow"
It made sense to make this change on the slide-out menus and edit windows. It used to be called "Add Income".

Rounding Values
We've added a new optional rounding function that will round values on an Asset-Map report to the nearest thousand or hundred.  You'll find this feature on the Team Settings page on the platform menu (click advisor name, upper right).

Keep in mind that this is a great feature for displaying rounded numbers on an Asset-Map report. Meaning that the real values are displayed and calculated everywhere else (on all the other tabs) within the platform.  This feature, should you choose to use it, is meant to keep the Asset-Map report very high level.

If you are a team manager you have the ability to set the default setting for your team, or allow your team member to make adjustments individually, on their own log-in.

If your compliance department requires it, go...and be compliant!

Age Display Options
Also on the Team Settings page, if your compliance department is concerned about displaying Age or Date of Birth, you now have the option of choosing age, date, or NONE.

If you are a team manager you have the ability to set the default setting for your team, or allow your team member to make adjustments individually, on their own log-in.

Gender "Not Specified"
Since the (amazing) Discovery interview tool (have you tried it yet?) doesn't require the gender to be designated, we have created a new avatar indicating "not specified". This may also be helpful for  your clients and prospects who have need to be represented in this way.  This new avatar has a  dark gray color and is a menu item on the "Add Person" and "Edit Person" edit windows.

July 2018

Discovery Interview Update
Discovery is Asset-Map's prospecting tool that allows a prospect to make their own Asset-Map prior to your meeting. Up until now, Discovery interview invitations were sent out manually via email to each prospect. Today, we've upgraded Discovery by providing a Discovery invitation link that you can embed in an email signature or website.
Your link is found on the Discovery administration page. 

Discovery also now sends a variety of interview status emails. You'll find more in the following feature highlight.

*New* System Message Notifications
A new system message notification icon has been added on the platform.  The bell icon alerts you to notifications you have waiting for you.  You can edit the types of notifications you get. Notifications arrive within the web platform and email. 

Note: Details about Discovery Prospecting tool: Click here


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