However, using the Asset-Map report before diving into their normal routine, advisors give their clients the opportunity to look at their financial life in a client-centered way; to correct the details and to open up new conversations.

At Every Meeting

As they hand out copies of Asset-Map reports with pens to each person in the meeting, advisors say something simple, like the following:

"Before we get started, let's use this to make sure we're all on the same page."

Video: "Everybody on the same page" (1 min.)

  1. Say: "Before we get started..."
  2. Make notes about the financial directly in the financials' Notes tab for printing later
  3. Hand out pens or use our in-app Marker to point out areas of concern

Video: "Action Items" (2 min.)

  1. Asset-Maps are never complete
  2. You don't always need Target-Maps to take action
  3. Take actions on financials before you get into the planning

For clients or prospects who have never seen an Asset-Map Report

"I took the liberty of putting together this 1-page visual of your current financial situation and realized that I have questions.  Before we get started, let's correct it together."

How to assess each financial instrument on an Asset-Map during your meeting

"Why is this here?" "How does it serve us?"

Video on asking "Why" during your meeting. (2 min.)

Keep in mind: the key is to ferret out those financial decisions that do not serve, are not intentional, tend to be haphazard, or can be optimized.

The following download is for you to use in your client meeting. Use it to reveal unknowns, risks, and opportunities found on an Asset-Map Report. Click here.

Bonus! We've already included impactful questions in select stencils found in your stencil manager.  These are questions provided to us by professional advisors who use them to assess each financial instrument on an Asset-Map. Take a minute to review this article: Click here.

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