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  • Asset-Map features within Orion

Top questions from advisors

Q. Why does Orion add another household member and link the Orion assets to them instead of the members I already have?
A. This is as a result of how Orion handles "households". The solution: once in Asset-Map, re-assign the asset tiles to the appropriate members of your Asset-Map household. Delete the new avatar by clicking on the new avatar (either on the Asset-Map report or on the Members tab) and clicking the trash can icon on the Member edit window.  

When you synchronize Orion with Asset-Map now and in the future, the tiles will update with new values correctly.

Q. Why do I get a 404 page not found error when trying to link Orion, even if I've already enabled integrations?
A. That's most often a case of an outdated cookie. Here is the 3-step solution :

  1. Disable the integration (click your name, upper right. Click Integrations then Orion.  Click Disable integration.).
  2. Clear the browser cookie cache (usually pressing CTRL-DEL-SHIFT brings up the interface to clear browser cache)
  3. Re-enable Orion integration within Asset-Map

Import financial data from Orion into Asset-Map

Here's how you can import client financial and contact information from Orion into Asset-Map.

Orion Features within Asset-Map

Here's some of the amazing things you can do to have real discussions with involved clients.

Asset-Map Features within Orion

Asset-Maps can be part of your digital presentation from within Orion.

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