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  • Asset-Map features within Orion

Top questions from advisors

Q. Why does Orion add another household member and link the Orion assets to them instead of the members I already have?
A. This is as a result of how Orion handles "households". The solution: once in Asset-Map, re-assign the asset tiles to the appropriate members of your Asset-Map household. Delete the new avatar by clicking on the new avatar (either on the Asset-Map report or on the Members tab) and clicking the trash can icon on the Member edit window.  

When you synchronize Orion with Asset-Map now and in the future, the tiles will update with new values correctly.

Q. Why do I get a 404 page not found error when trying to link Orion, even if I've already enabled integrations?
A. That's most often a case of an outdated cookie. Here is the 3-step solution :

  1. Disable the integration (click your name, upper right. Click Integrations then Orion.  Click Disable integration.).
  2. Clear the browser cookie cache (usually pressing CTRL-DEL-SHIFT brings up the interface to clear browser cache)
  3. Re-enable Orion integration within Asset-Map

Import into Asset-Map

The following information is imported into Asset-Map from Orion:

  • Member Names
  • Member Information (DOB, Address, Email)
  • All financial accounts stored in Orion:
  • Account Custodians
  • Account Types
  • Account Values
  • Orion Historical Account Value chart should display under the Orion tab within each financial as shown

Here's how you can import client financial and contact information from Orion into Asset-Map.

Connect to an Asset-Map Member

If an Asset-Map has already been created, you can connect a Member to an account in Orion. Open the Household's Summary tab and select "Orion" in the Integrations pane.

  1. Search for the Orion contact
  2. Select the Member the financials will connect to
  3. Click Import and the financial data will appear as tiles on the member you selected.

Orion Features within Asset-Map

Here's some of the amazing things you can do to have real discussions with involved clients.

Asset-Map Features within Orion

Asset-Maps can be part of your digital presentation from within Orion.

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