How much money is left over after your client spends one year's worth of expenses out of one year's worth of earned income? Start with a Custom Target-Map.

1. Adjust What you have. 

On the "What you have" tab set the dates on the source(s) of income to reflect one year's income.

Edit the earned income streams that are to be included. Select "Date" from the Date Reference drop-down.  Apply estimated Loss to taxes.

2. Define What you want. 

Add After-tax Desired Cash Flows on the "What you want" tab. These are the annualized expenses your client is anticipating to spend money on.

Click "Add Desired Cash-flow" button and fill in the form. Use annual values for the expense and select the "Date" choice from the Date Reference drop-down.

Enter a Start date in the near future and an end date one year later. Match them with the dates of the cash-flow sources on the "What you have" tab.
Save changes and repeat if necessary for other cash-flows as desired.

3. Make a few adjustments

Adjust the Annual Increase of Contributions and Expected Net return to zero.

Enter "1" (one) in the Duration of Contributions to show the monthly surplus (or deficit) for one year.


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