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  • 3 minute video of how to create a household, its Asset-Map and generate a report
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Please watch this 3 minute video on how to make a household and Asset-Map. Replay it, pause it and watch it full screen to catch details.  Reach out to if you'd like assistance.


If you need to add more household members (people), click here.
If you need to add a legal entity (an institution, charity, trust), click here.
Or, learn how to produce an electronic copy of the report (in PDF format): click here.

Suggestions on what to say in a meeting using an Asset-Map:
How do Advisors use Asset-Map in a Meeting?

We've shown you how asset-map is transformative in every phase the advisor/client relationship. Please reference this article:
How to use Asset-Map in the Field

How to add Cash Flow financial, click here.
How to add an Asset financial, click here.
How to add a Liability financial, click here.
How to add an Insurance financial, click here.
How to illustrate a funding requirement using Target-Maps, click here.

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