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Remember, a "member" of a household is any person that is financially tied to, or has influence on, the financial decisions made by the household. Feel free to add anyone if it helps your conversation.
From the toggle menu ("View/Hide Menu") or from the Members tab, select "Add Person" and fill out the required fields in the Add Person edit window. 


Role: there are a variety of roles to choose from, but every household needs one "Primary" member to anchor from.

First name & Last name
These two are text fields that can be used creatively, depending on what you need to find out, how you want the conversation to go, or how your clients like to see them.
They accept alpha, numeric and special characters like "?" or "______" (underline).

Examples could include:
First name = "Neil" Last name = "Jetson"
First name = "Grandma", Last name = "Jetson?"
First name = "CPA", Last name = "?"
First name = "Bob", Last name = "CEO"

Conveniently, if you don't know the date of birth, simply type the estimated age ("46") and click "The Date of Birth is Estimated" box.

Select Gender. There is a gender neutral option as well. Change gender as desired.
Note: sometimes integrations will import data incorrectly. Double-check the Gender if you've brought a household over from an integration.

Click "Add Another" that will pop up another empty Add Person window when "Save Changes" is pressed.

Add optional details and notes on the Details and Notes tabs and save changes. They will be included in the top area of an Asset-Map Report.  

Delete a Member

From the Asset-Map Report view - click the trash can icon on the bottom left of the edit window (click the avatar in the middle).

From the Members tab - click the trash can icon on the far right of the member's line.

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