To see assets displayed in a certain order on the Asset-Map, a few things to know:

  1. Income Assets will appear at the top left or right of the members.
  2. Insurance Financial Instruments will appear above the household members. 
  3. Retirement Assets will appear below income assets.
  4. Non-retirement Assets will appear below retirement assets, followed by Residence and liabilities.
  5. Cash Value insurance assets will appear below non-retirement assets.

The order of financials is first determined by type, then location alphanumerically, then value decreasing.

To re-order assets in the specific category (ie: Retirement assets, Income assets, Insurance assets, Non-retirement assets, Liabilities, and Residences) please number or alphabetize the Location of the asset.

Once numbered or alphabetized, the assets will appear going down the Asset-Map starting with A or 1.

Example:  Insurance Carrier or Location text field "1. Company"  will appear above "2. Company".
"a. Company"  will appear above "b. Company".

NOTE: Refresh the web page to view changes.

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