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Top Questions Advisors Ask

Q. Why can't I print Target-Maps or Reports?
A. Stencil Households gray out the Target-Map and Reports tab because no calculations are made, nor are Reports produced from a template. Once applied to a Client, Prospective, or Sample households, printing is and Target-Maps are available.

Q. What's the difference between a Stencil and any other type of household?
A. There is one major difference: Stencils are made available as an overlay for the other types of households using the Apply Stencil window. Applying one Client's tiles to another Client is not a function of Asset-Map.  Applying a Stencil's tiles to a Client is.


A Stencil is an overlay of gray placeholder tiles representing assets, insurances, liabilities and incomes.  

Asset-Map Platform provides pre-made stencils displaying the tiles for specific peer groups and you can make your own, too. Asset-Map has supplied stencils that can not be edited directly and are designated by an astrisk " * " in the Apply Stencil menu.

Applying a stencil to a household cuts the time it takes for making maps. It allows you to show your clients what their peer group could potentially have, or can be used as hand-out factfinders for clients to overwrite the tiles with their own financial information.

Here are what our Stencils look like

Millennial Stencil (designed for couple, but can be used for a single member)

GenX Stencil (designed for couple, but can be used for single a single member)

Baby Boomer Stencil (designed for couple, but can be used for single a single member)

Traditional Fact-Finder Stencil (designed for couple, but can be used for single a single member)

How to Apply a Stencil to a Household

To apply a stencil to a household, start by navigating to the Asset-Map page for any household. 

  1. Click the toggle menu (View/Hide Menu) in the top right corner on the Asset-Map Report page.
  2. Click Apply Stencil.

3. From the Stencil Manager, choose from your library of Stencils, found on the left side of the modal.

4. Click Apply Stencil.

FEATURE ALERT: Optionally Apply a Stencil to one Member

Selecting the "No" radio button, found in the right area, will activate another feature. You may apply part of a stencil to one member of a multi-member family.

Select a specific member of the Stencil whose financials will apply from the first drop down.

Then select the specified Household member you wish to apply the Stencil financials to from the bottom drop-down menu.

Click Apply Stencil.

How to Build a Custom Stencil

Click the Add New Household button or ("+") from the Home page to start the household wizard.

2. Select STENCIL as the type of Household on the wizard.

3. Enter in the Stencil's Name, City/State (or place holders), and a description of the Stencil. Click Save Household.

3. You can either apply a stencil at the Apply Stencil option window or...
4. Continue creating the Stencil using the normal steps of adding Financials that will define the group of individuals you'll be overlaying this stencil onto.

Here's a common use example

If we know that Widget's, Inc. provides basic and voluntary benefits for their employees then we can use the household wizard ("+") to add a Stencil to the Stencil manager for later use.

The benefits (which we found online at their website) are on the left. We have rounded out the stencil with a few extra common assets like savings account and social security. The Stencil Asset-Map could look like what you see on the right.

We've added the financials one at a time using the toggle menu, we used the same terminology, and input the company's name in the Location field where it made sense.
We also place a "$1" value into the value fields.


You are preparing to visit with someone who works at Widget's, Inc.  Simply apply the stencil (View/Hide toggle menu) onto that real household you have started to create. You are well on the way to quickly making their Asset-Map Report for your great conversation.

You can use the Widgets stencil over and over again. 

How to delete a stencil

A stencil is a type of household, therefore you can delete them in the same way.
Click here to see how to delete a household

Things to know about a Stencil:

(a) Target-Maps and Comprehensive Reports are not available for households created as Stencils.
(b) Clear the stencil placeholders with a click of a mouse on the "Clear Stencil" option on the toggle menu (very convenient!).
(c) Stencil financials with a value will show and calculate on Target-Maps.


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