A Target-Map compares two values: the total value of "What you want" (net of taxes and fees) with the total value of "What you have". 

"What it means" is the amount of capital that represents the over or under funding today associated with this project.

If a deficit, it is the amount you will need to self fund or find funding for.

Target-Map Templates are a quick, convenient way to get the conversation going about funding goals.  

Because these templates use global Target-Map presets found on the Target-Map Preferences page, they make creating Target-Maps a breeze. 

You can create one or more Target-Maps simultaneously by using the Add New Target-Map window.

Activate this window by using the toggle menu (View/Hide Menu button) on every Asset-Map Platform page and clicking "Add Target-Map"...

Or by going to the Target-Maps tab and clicking the ADD button.

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