You want an assistant to make and edit asset-maps so you can concentrate on client meetings and strategies. We call that Delegate access.

You will have the option to invite an assistant to "impersonate" you using their own log-in if you have purchased a delegate license. (contact for more information).

This mirroring will allow for them to access your book of business with the exception of households that you have marked as private.

Invite Staff Access

  1. Select the Team Settings option found by clicking your name in the upper right area of the platform.

2. Click Membership, then Invite Members

3. Enter assistant's email address, select Delegate, select which advisor the delegate is for.  You must assign an advisor for the delegate. Click Add User.

Staff View

  1. Upon logging into Asset-Map, they will be prompted to select the Advisor for whom they wish to mirror. They will click the Advisor name or image to select the Advisor.

2. They will be directed to the same view the Advisor has of their Asset-Map account. Any households they add or update will be under the Advisor they have selected. *Hint: the Advisor’s name will appear in the right corner instead of yours.

3. To switch to a different Advisor, click on the staff's image or blue avatar in the top right corner (to the left of the advisor). This will take the assistant back to the advisor selection page.

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