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Each webinar is designed to share field Best Practices in about 30 minutes or less, while giving you the tools needed to help take your process to the next level. Tune-in as our Founder and CEO, Adam Holt, shares his secrets for success!

Here's a list of topics we've been covering: Asset-Map Series, Target-Map Series and Additional Webinars.

Asset-Map Series

Asset-Map Best Practices for Speed & Client Engagement
Join us as we share critical tips on how to create an Asset-Map in mere moments to use in every client/prospect meeting. Learn how to use Stencils to uncover and deliver more value in any household from top clients reviews through new prospects.

Asset-Map: The 4 Frames of Structural View
Learn the 4 structural frames of view that can be applied to any household Asset-Map and used to start a more meaningful financial conversation. This approach to interpreting Asset-Maps has helped top advisors address structural issues before any analysis is ever contemplated.

Asset-Map: The 6 Lens Standard (6L's)
Learn how to uncover a household's clear gaps by using our field developed standard in every client meeting.

Engaging CPAs and Attorneys with Asset-Map
Have better conversations with your professional network and customer's advisor's by sharing Asset-Maps. Learn how to approach, get permission, and guide a conversation that yields extraordinary good will, relationship cultivation, referrals and business opportunities.

10x ROI Difference; What 2 Pairs of eyes see
Learn how to collaborate and see opportunities reviewing Asset-Maps for households. Turn $500 into $5000 with the right mentor.

Asset-Map Interpretation 201: Fix it!
Learn the core skills of looking at an Asset-Map: pattern recognition, "Does this make sense?" and apply advisor intelligence, not artificial intelligence to the client's current situation.

Asset-Map Interpretation 202: Opportunities Beyond the Map
Get the 50,000 ft view of a households Asset-Map and uncover larger opportunities for your practice.


Target-Map Series

Target-Maps: Quantify Any Capital Funding Shortfall
Master the fundamental approach of Target-Map logic and be able to quickly inform a household how funded they are for any financial event.

Target-Maps: Loss of Life: Lifetime Net Worth is Bigger than You Think
Why every household should quantify their insufficient capital available in an untimely death. Learn how to run and explain the findings behind the Loss of Life Target-Map template to solve this issue for our clients.

Target-Maps: Long-term Disability: Protecting Our Most Valuable Asset-Map Instrument: Our Income
The most important financial instrument on most household's Asset-Map is their earned income. Find out how to quickly quantify the problem and get an actionable conclusion that can help your clients get peace of mind.

Target-Map: Are You Planning on Self-funding a Long-term Care Event?
The default position for 90% of Americans is to self-fund a long-term care event. Learn how to quantify this potential liability and how to prioritize LTC in client discussions.

Target-Map: How Funded are You Towards Retirement?
Anxiety in retirement is inversely related to the certainty of spendable cash-flow coming into the household. Help your clients get peace of mind.

Target-Map: Education Funding
Should we pay for school or take a loan? Do our kids have to work and should we use a 529? Learn how to run a one-page Education Target-Map to guide people on the right course.

Target-Map: Advanced Markets Estate and Business Funding
Learn how to illustrate the cost of funding a business buy-out or future estate tax obligation in order to help clients get context around major financial decisions.

Target-Map: Advanced Target-Maps: Customize, Clone and Revisit Target-Maps (30 min)
Learn our best practices for customizing, cloning, and revisiting the progress of Target-Maps that have already been created.

Let's Talk Series

Let's Talk: Annuities
Often it is difficult for aging clients to adjust to the reality to life after paychecks. Experience a recorded demonstration of how to use Asset-Map to identify the need for an annuity.

Let's Talk: Long Term Care
With an aging population, the need for Long Term Care is on the rise. Expand your knowledge of Asset-Map best practices such as how to prioritize LTC in client discussions.

Let's Talk: AUM
Stop leaving money on the table. Sit in as Asset-Map Founder and CEO shares how to use the platform in the client and prospect asset discovery phase to uncover hidden opportunities.

Let's Talk: Life Insurance
Every household should quantify their insufficient capital available in the event of an untimely death. Brush up on how to drive client action in a life insurance conversation using Asset-Map.

Additional Webinars

Supporting your Financial Professional Team's Success
Learn the 4 ways you can add value to your practice, as well as our pre-meeting checklist to ensure your Financial Professional and clients are ready for a successful meetings.

The Proactive Advisor: Five Conversations Clients Want you to have in 2017
Are you really looking out for your clients?  Uncover the 5 conversations your clients expect you to initiate and help them address.  

Creating a Referable Experience with Asset-Map
Sustain your business during any technology change by dealing at the human level.

The Cash Flow Conversation
How to use Asset-Map in conversations about Cash Flow before and during retirement. 

Integration Highlight: Riskalyze
Learn how to set up and maximize our powerful integration with Riskalyze. Hold better conversations with your clients by displaying their Risk Numbers directly on an Asset-Map illustration.

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