Firm-wide default options and the ability to invite additional advisors and staff assistants are available if you are a designated manager at your firm.
Note: Some of these settings are already provided by your broker dealer and cannot be changed. Please contact your firm or broker dealer if you have any questions.

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Customize your firm's account settings
Adding advisors and staff to your firm

Access Team Settings by clicking your name in the upper right area.

Select from the choices on the left:
Account Settings

Account Settings

Options within Account Settings page include the following:

Account Defaults

Change your company name and upload a company logo, which is displayed throughout the platform and on the documents you can generate.
You can allow your team members to set these if you are a designated managerĀ 

Discovery Disclaimer
This option may not be available to you depending on your firm's requirements.

Discovery is our online questionnaire prospecting tool. Prospects make their own asset-map report within your book of business. Check with your firm if a disclaimer is necessary, then set disclaimer text in the text field as required. Simple text editing tools are provided. Text may already be provided and locked by your firm.

Asset-Map Report Settings
This option may not be available to you depending on your firm's requirements.

The bulk of your engagement activity is with your client on the asset-map report. Some firms have compliance requirements governing the display of date of birth and exact values on the asset-map report.

Date of birth is displayed below the client avatar on the center of the report. Chose to display age, date of birth, or none.

Instrument Rounding is an asset-map display option. Rounding does not affect calculations within asset-map. It is a display option only.
Values on the report may be displayed as exact to the dollar, rounded to the 10s, 100s, or 1000s, depending on your firm's requirements.

Report Settings
This option may not be available to you depending on your firm's requirements.

The Comprehensive Report is generated from the Reports tab on the asset-map platform. These setting affect what are included on the electronic document (PDF).
The disclaimer text appears at the bottom of the asset-map and Target-Map pages. The disclosure text is its own separate page on the comprehensive document.

Set the text for both as required by your firm or broker dealer. Simple text editing tools are provided.

Make sure you save your work!


The Team Manager can invite and manage other advisors and assistants (delegates) to work on your team, assuming the firm has purchased the appropriate type and amount of licenses. Contact if you have any questions.

Inviting both delegates and additional advisors is a two-step process:

  1. Team manager sends an invitation (using the Invite Members button)
  2. Delegate or advisor accepts invitation (found in their email)

More on how to invite a delegate here.

Things to do on the Membership page:

Send invitations;
track invitations;
delete invitations;
resend invitations;
assign and re-assign a delegate to an advisor
and remove access for delegates and advisors

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