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Top Questions Advisors are Asking

Q. Does Marker work on an IOS device?
A. Yes! Keep the zoom level to 0%.  Don't use the zoom-in function of your browser.

Q. Why doesn't Marker work for me?
A. Most of the time it is because the zoom level is zoomed in. Close the Marker (click the "x"). Then zoom out to 0% and refresh the page. Click the Marker icon to start.

Q. Can I print my markups?
A. Only if you take a screenshot. (Be aware of any compliance considerations before doing this.)

Marker Illustration Tool

Asset-Map Marker is a collaboration and illustration tool.

Click the Marker icon and start drawing on any Asset-Map page (Asset-Map, Target-Maps, Household Index, etc.)

Click the marker icon to reveal (or hide) our sketching tools with which you can illustrate your points for your clients right on their Asset-Map.  

It includes 

  • an eraser tool 
  • trash can tool to remove all markups.  
  • brush colors
  • Clicking the "x" closes the tool group and turns off the markings. The markings you've made are retained when you open the tool again.

Print out marked Asset-Maps by using the print screen function on your device.

Use it to 

  • enhance your client meetings, either in the office or remotely. It works with pen/pencil hardware as well as with your mouse pointer
  • training meetings with other advisors
  • seminars


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